Monthly Archives: December 2013

Dave Champion Retires

Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative’s President/CEO retires after 40 years of service Wm. David (Dave) Champion, Jr., President/CEO of Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative, will officially retire December 31, 2013, after a 40 year cooperative career. Following a four-year career in the United States Air Force, Champion began working for Illini Electric Cooperative as the office manager trainee in 1973. He became... Read More

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Don’t blink?

Brief power interruptions prevent sustained outages. There’s no two ways about it - blinks are bothersome. A flashing digital alarm clock or Wi-Fi drop-off is enough to annoy even the most patient person. But believe it or not, blinks are a key component of a properly operating electrical system. They save you - and your co-op - time, money, and... Read More

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Member/owners enjoy plant tour

The Prairie State Energy Campus is among the cleanest coal plants in the world. On October 23, 51 Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative member/owners took a tour of the Prairie State Energy Campus in Lively Grove, Illinois. The tour included a surface tour of the coal mine, and an in-depth walking tour of the 1,600 Megawatt power plant. The attendees learned... Read More

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President’s Message – Hello and Happy New Year!

Another year has arrived on the calendar.  I trust that you enjoyed celebrating the holidays with family and also found some peaceful time for reflection.   Looking back, how would you characterize the past year?  Is it a year that you would like to repeat?  Unfortunately for us, time is one thing we cannot recapture – so we look to... Read More

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