Monthly Archives: February 2014

When to replace old appliances

Replacing outdated appliances can save you big money. Saying goodbye to an old friend can be daunting. But pulling the plug on an outdated refrigerator or dishwasher might save you money; new appliances are often considerably more energy efficient. A new refrigerator consumes 75 percent less energy than a 1970s model. Replace a vintage clothes washer and save $60 on... Read More

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Between the lines

Spring cleaning delivers safe, reliable power. Spring gives us a chance to thaw out after a chilly winter. Some take advantage of longer daylight hours by doing a little spring cleaning and yard work. Others hit the course to work on their golf swing.  But the seasonal shift isn’t all good news. The rapid change from harsh, cold air to... Read More

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Give blood, save lives

Join your community as we celebrate the American Red Cross in March.  Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative is proud to help promote the American Red Cross this month. President Franklin D. Roosevelt began the tradition in 1943, proclaiming March the month to recognize the work of the American Red Cross. The group began during the Second World War as a blood... Read More

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President’s Message – Membership privileges

As an electric company, we’re a bit unique. As you may know, we are a cooperative, which means we are owned by you. In addition to being customers, you are much more than that. We like to think of you as member/owners. Being a member/owner brings with it several privileges and benefits:  You have a sayWe are governed by an... Read More

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Frigid temps increase electric use

This January was 25% colder than last year. Besides the bad road conditions and school/event cancellations, the recent onslaught of cold weather has brought another negative consequence...higher energy bills. "It's amazing how closely our member/owners' electric bills are aligned with weather patterns," noted Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative's Energy Specialist Mike Carroll. "Even people that heat their home with natural gas... Read More

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