Monthly Archives: October 2016

Homestead, hops, and happiness!

New Urbana brewery is using local crops from their co-op farm for some key ingredients. Brothers Matt and Darin Riggs grew up on a small family farm in rural Champaign County. Though they both eventually moved away, they never lost the farming spirit and continued to look for ways to keep up the family heritage. After graduating from the University... Read More

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Common energy myths

How many of these energy myths have fooled you? Eating carrots will greatly improve your eyesight, cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis, watching too much TV will harm your vision. We’ve all heard the old wives’ tales, but did you know there are also many misconceptions about home energy use? Don’t be fooled by common energy myths. Myth: The higher... Read More

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Let your voice be heard!

Taking an interest in both local and national elections is a key component of being engaged in our community. Low voter turnout has been a topic of conversation for the last several election cycles. Since the 1960s, voter turnout during presidential elections has seen a steady decline. In the 2016 primary election cycle, voter turnout in most states was only... Read More

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Message from the President – Happy Thanksgiving

The chill in the morning air confirms that we are well into the fall season. The fields are mostly barren, as are the trees. By most accounts, it has been a bountiful harvest in east central Illinois. We also know it is November by the number of political ads that are plentiful in the various media (we will all be... Read More

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