Monthly Archives: September 2017

Safety: Give ’em a Brake!

Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative utility crews want to remind you to stay safe when you come upon a work zone. Orange cones, flashing signals and other warning signs are placed along roadways to slow traffic when linemen are repairing or replacing electrical lines and poles. Work done by EIEC linemen often involves electrical lines high above the ground - lines... Read More

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Energy Efficiency: Not all filters are created equal

Forced air heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems require effective air filtration for optimum energy efficiency, maintaining clean(ish) ductwork and good indoor air quality. Air filters should be changed regularly. How often they need changing depends upon a number of factors including, but not limited to:    • Presence of pets that shed    • Amount of carpeted versus... Read More

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Cooperation Among Cooperatives

During October, we participate in National Cooperative Month, in which people across the country celebrate the movement’s history and economic impact. The sixth cooperative principle is Cooperation among Cooperatives. It seems that national or regional catastrophes bring out the best traits of people. Even before Hurricane Irma had entered Florida, electric cooperatives in the southeast U.S. had requested mutual aid... Read More

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Energy Fair Scheduled for September 8

Please join us on Friday, Sept. 8 from 1-6 p.m. in Gilman at the Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative Energy Fair! Have you ever wondered how you can save money on your utility bills? Or how about what type of insulation is the best for your home? Does your home need a new furnace or air-conditioner, but you don’t know what... Read More

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Community Involvement: Sharing Success Program

Two location organizations have received a total of $8,000 from Eastern Illini and CoBank. Save the Lorraine Theatre, a local non-profit organization in Hoopeston dedicated to revitalizing a classic theatre, and the Bryce Ash-Grove Education Center, a co-op public school serving students with disabilities in grades K-12, have each received a $4,000 donation from Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative and CoBank,... Read More

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