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Cooperative Principle #5 – Education, Training, and Information

In continuation of a theme from last month’s column, another harbinger of spring (despite what Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow indicated this year which was another 6 weeks of winter – thanks a lot Phil) is our national association’s annual member meeting. Each year the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) hosts its annual meeting. This year, the meeting will... Read More

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Electricity keeps us connected

How many of us remember dropping into the co-op office with our parents and grandparents to pay the light bill? Whether you do that in person, by mail or on-line today, paying your monthly bill does a lot more than just keep the lights on. Electricity keeps us connected to our modern world. Consider all the necessities and conveniences we... Read More

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People to know at Eastern Illini: Tim Kulow

If it lights up, heats up, makes a noise or smokes, we’ll fix it. It’s Tim Kulow’s mantra as Electrical System Engineering Foreman at Eastern Illini. It sums up his very technical position quite well. He works with substations, line regulators, capacitors, electrical breakers, load controls, solar inspections and a myriad of other equipment and electrical components. He spends his... Read More

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Empowering Education Grant Program

    The Empowering Education Grant Program is designed to help fund projects that will inspire and benefit students.       3D printing is a hands-on newer technology that engages students in learning. We used our grant to purchase a 3D printer. Thank you EIEC! Jake Hill Rossville-Alvin Jr High School       Deserving teachers received $500 grants to put towards... Read More

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