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Message From The President: Dog Days of Summer

The calendar has turned to August and crops are rapidly maturing. Some refer to the early to mid-August hot and humid weather as the dog days of summer (what did dogs do to deserve this comparison). Students will soon be returning to school and will start participating in related activities. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jerry... Read More

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Enhancing Electric Resiliency

According to a recent reliability report, 67% of electrical outage minutes were weather related, with contributing factors of lightning (6%), weather (31%), and vegetation (30%), typically due to wind, ice, or snow encountering power lines, poles and transformers. Resiliency of the grid is an important concept being discussed in the electric industry today. This concept recently made headlines in the... Read More

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Eight Tips for Eating Well

- Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. - Eat more fish. - Cut down on saturated fat and sugar. - Try to eat less salt, less than 6 grams/day. - Get active. - Maintain a healthy weight. - Drink plenty of water. - Don’t skip breakfast.   Instead of focusing on what to remove from your meals, try adding a... Read More

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Summer Energy Savings

Summertime means vacations are in full swing. If you  are planning an extended vacation - one wee or more, there are several simple steps you can take to save energy. Turn down the temperature on your water heater. Water heating accounts for as much as 20 percent of annual energy costs. No sense heating the water if you are not home to... Read More

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Keep Calm and Drive a John Deere

Smitten with John Deere’s iconic green and yellow colors, you’ll find Jeff Blackford, an Eastern Illini serviceman, on a John Deere tractor, repairing and restoring John Deere tractors, collecting John Deere tractors and driving John Deere tractors in local tractor pulls. Some say that Jeff bleeds green. There are many similarities between John Deere and Jeff. The saying goes, Nothing... Read More

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