Monthly Archives: January 2019

Time to Reflect

While sitting in my office during an early January day I noticed fast moving clouds heading north passing by the window. It was an unusually warm day for January, as much as 25 degrees above the normal high temperature, giving this very windy day a March like feel and appearance. With the recent calendar change indicating a new year, our... Read More

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Nominating Petitions Available February 21

Eastern Illini’s Board is made up of cooperative members just like you. Pictured, from left to right, are board members Harold Loy, Beaverville; Steve Meenen, Melvin; Steve Gordon, Rantoul; Brad Ludwig, Fithian; Chad Larimore, Bement; Tom Schlatter, Chastworth; Lauri Quick, Tolono; Kevin Moore, Rossville; and Bruce Ristow, Cissna Park. Nominating petitions will be available on Thursday, February 21, 2019 for... Read More

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Factors that influence your electric bill

You open your electric bill this month and immediately look around the house to see if a window or door has been left open, because the bill is some what higher than it was last month. There are many factors that influence the amount of your electric bill - colder than normal temperatures, or more visitors over the holidays. You... Read More

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Electric Vehicles are Gaining Momentum

The appeal of Electric Vehicles (EV) is gaining momentum as prices drop and range is expanding. EV owners can now confidently drive nearly everywhere with a bit of planning. Chances are you know someone who has purchased an EV. Thanks to the electric cooperative movement, electricity is available everywhere in the U.S., the majority of roads are paved and environmental concerns are increasing awareness about the value of driving EVs. While many... Read More

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EIEC Plugs in a Chevy Bolt

For the average American household, transportation is the second largest expense after housing. Swapping a gas-powered vehicle for an all-electric vehicle can save you money . The average cost to operate an EV is $485 per year. Electricity costs are also less than purchasing gasoline and the price is more predictable. As battery technology continues to improve, the cost per... Read More

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