Power Supply

Similar to the cooperative spirit that helped form electric cooperatives in the 1930s, Eastern Illini has banded together with nine other distribution cooperatives in Illinois to form our own cooperative. Prairie Power, Inc. (PPI) is our generation and transmission cooperative (sometimes called a G&T). We get all of our electricity from PPI and by combining our collective energy loads we are able to improve our economies of scale.

Makeup of our power supply

62% – Prairie State Generating Campus: featuring the latest in clean coal technology 
22% – Long and short term contracts: various fuel types from midwest providers
12% – Purchased on the spot market: through the Midwest System Operators (MISO)
4% – Wind power: purchased from the Pioneer Trial Wind Farm in Paxton


PPI’s distribution cooperatives provide retail electric service to approximately 78,000 consumers within their local service territories. PPI is one of more than 60 G&T cooperatives that supply wholesale electricity to rural utilities in the United States.

PPI At a Glance
  • Headquarters – Jacksonville, IL

  • Owns and operates 590 miles of transmission lines

  • Maintains 78 substations

  • Net Electric Generation – 290,796 MWh (2012)

  • Total Electric Sales – 1,520,525 MWh (2012)

  • 2011 Summer Peak Demand – 355 MW (7 pm/July 23, 2012)

  • 2011 Winter Peak Demand – 257 MW (7 pm/January 12, 2012)

  • 49 Employees (2012)

  • Member of Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO)

  • Owned by 10 Member Electric Distribution Cooperatives in Illinois

  • Provides Competitive Wholesale Electric Energy

  • Owns and Operates 141 MW of Peaking Generation

  • Owns 130 MW Share of the Prairie State Energy Campus