Educational Programs

Youth to Washington Trip

We’re proud to offer high school sophomores and juniors the chance to win an expenses-paid trip of a lifetime to Washington D.C. Students will spend a week during the summer visiting historically significant national sites, touring some of our most moving memorials, and browsing the campus of our nation’s capital. During their time in D.C., the students will ride a river boat down the Potomac, tour the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, and visit the Supreme Court. And those are just a few of the things they’ll encounter on their journey.

Visit the Youth to Washington page for more information.

Empowering Education Grant Program

This grant programs give educators a chance to earn a $500 grant to help fund projects and lessons that will positively impact our community’s students.

Visit the Empowering Education Grant Program page for more information.

School presentations and resources

Eastern Illini offers a full range of school presentations and resources, including:

  • electrical safety presentations
  • energy efficiency presentations
  • electricity and efficiency instructional tools
  • full energy efficiency programs/curriculum

For more information about any of our FREE school/community group programs, please call our office at 800-824-5102.

Illinois Electric Cooperatives Memorial Scholarship Fund

Each year, Eastern Illini works with our state association to offer up to 10 scholarships to students from electric co-op families.

Graduating seniors of Eastern Illini member/owner families are encouraged to apply for the Illinois Electric Cooperative Scholarship contest.