Grassroots Advocacy


Eastern Illini’s
Grassroots Advocacy Program (GAP)

Are you concerned about the future of rural America? 
Are you interested in politics?
Are you concerned about the stability of electric rates? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Eastern Illini’s Grassroots Advocacy Program (GAP) is for you! 

Help us fill the GAP in getting our unique rural cooperative message to our local, state and federal legislators.

What exactly is the GAP?

The Grassroots Advocacy Program is made up of Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative member/owners like you who are interested in helping make sure our legislators and regulators keep electric bills affordable. GAP participants offer a local voice that champions the cooperative spirit, and recognizes the unique value that rural electric cooperatives bring to the often under-served rural communities. 

What will the GAP do?

The GAP will meet several times per year (both in person and via phone/email when appropriate) to stay informed about local, state and federal legislation and regulation that could impact our rural communities. When needed, GAP participants may also be asked to “be a voice” in representing our rural communities to legislators and other cooperative member/owners.

What kind of commitment is it?

Your level of commitment is totally up to you. Our message of looking out for our rural communities and safe guarding our future is an important one. GAP members should plan on attending at least 3-4 events per year.

I’m interested…now what?

To join this exciting new program, please send us an email.

“Grassroots” refers to electric cooperative activists – directors, managers, employees and member/owners – who take an active role in the political process to protect their co-op from harmful legislation and regulation, as well as to promote the value of co-op ownership to their legislators.

Electric cooperatives have cultivated a reputation on Capitol Hill as a “grassroots” organization. Legislators know that electric co-op member-owners actively get involved by writing, calling and e-mailing their legislators to have their voice heard in the political process. Grassroots advocates speaking with the same voice makes a difference on Capitol Hill.