Renewable Energy Data


Name Phone Website
Central Illinois Wind and Solar 217-493-9371 bbciws@gmail.com
EFS Energy 217-993-9801 www.efsenergy.com
Harvest Energy Solutions 517-499-0885 www.harvestenergysolutions.com
Iowa Wind and Solar 800-808-0786 www.iowawindandsolar.com
New Prairie Construction 217-344-5131 www.newprairieconstruction.com
Novel Energy Solutions 217-898-2970 www.novelenergysolutions.com
StraightUp Solar 844-977-6527 www.straightupsolar.com
Tick Tock Energy, Inc. 866-949-7770 www.ticktockenergy.com


We are currently working with several of our member/owners that have installed net-metering systems on our lines.

This page provides actual production data and the financial impact of that production for several of those systems.

The system output percentage is based on comparing the actual system output to what the system would provide if it ran at maximum output 24 hours per day, every day of the month.

For more information, visit our renewable energy page.