Renewable Energy

Whether it’s installing a geothermal system, wind turbine, or solar panel, Eastern Illini supports clean, renewable energy sources. With our renewable energy program, you even have the opportunity to sell back your excess generated electricity!

Of special note, please know that our full net-metering program is available for systems up to 10 kW. Any systems over that are reimbursed at an “avoided cost” rate.

A new option available to Eastern Illini member is called Bright Options SolarFor as little as $12 per month added to your electric bill, you can choose to have a portion of your home’s energy come from environmentally-friendly solar power – and all without upfront expenses, maintenance costs, and changes to your home. Call us at 800-824-5102 for more information on this program.

We’ve also been recognized (through our wholesale power provider) as a Rural Solar Champion!

Actual data from local wind and solar projects.

 Renewable energy dealers

Name Location Phone Website Contact
StraightUp Solar Bloomington 844-977-6527 www.straightupsolar.com Shannon Fulton
Tick Tock Energy, Inc. Effingham 866-949-7770 www.ticktockenergy.com Craig Pals
Harvest Energy Solutions Bloomfield, MO 517-499-0885 www.harvestenergysolutions.com Joel Tatum
Central Illinois Wind and Solar Mount Pulaski 217-493-9371 bbciws@gmail.com Brian Barnick


For more information please send us an email via our EI Help Desk or call us at 800-824-5102.