Renewable Energy

Whether it’s installing a geothermal system, wind turbine, or solar panel, Eastern Illini supports clean, renewable energy sources. Of special note, please know that our full net-metering program is available for systems up to 10 kW.

A new option available to Eastern Illini member is called Bright Options SolarFor as little as $12 per month added to your electric bill, you can choose to have a portion of your home’s energy come from environmentally-friendly solar power – and all without upfront expenses, maintenance costs, and changes to your home. Call us at 800-824-5102 for more information on this program.

We’ve also been recognized (through our wholesale power provider) as a Rural Solar Champion!

Helpful Links and Information

Net Metering Program Information and Application

Actual data from local wind and solar projects.


Name Phone Website
Central Illinois Wind and Solar 217-493-9371 bbciws@gmail.com
EFS Energy 217-993-9801 www.efsenergy.com
Harvest Energy Solutions 517-499-0885 www.harvestenergysolutions.com
Iowa Wind and Solar 800-808-0786 www.iowawindandsolar.com
New Prairie Construction 217-344-5131 www.newprairieconstruction.com
Novel Energy Solutions 217-898-2970 www.novelenergysolutions.com
StraightUp Solar 844-977-6527 www.straightupsolar.com
Tick Tock Energy, Inc. 866-949-7770 www.ticktockenergy.com


For more information please send us an email via our EI Help Desk or call us at 800-824-5102.