Renewable Energy

Whether it’s installing a geothermal system, wind turbine, or solar panel, Eastern Illini supports clean, renewable energy sources. We’ve also been recognized (through our wholesale power provider) as a Rural Solar Champion!

Our energy experts are available to help you as you decide if a renewable energy system is right for you. Please contact us as early in your decision process as possible at 800-824-5102 or renewables@eiec.coop so we can make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision on your potential system.

In our area, we’ve found that an average solar system produces about 1,250 kWh per kilowatt of installed capacity per year.

Of special note, please know that our full Net Metering Program is available for systems up to 10 kW (dc). Any system larger than 10 kW (DC nameplate rating on the panels) would be classified as a Qualifying Facility (QF). A QF installation is much more complex than a net metering system.

Please also note that members that install a renewable energy system MUST own the system themselves. Eastern Illini’s bylaws don’t allow for a Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) or a lease where the payment is directly tied to kWh production of the system. Interconnection onto our electric grid is a very complex procedure.

Helpful Links

Net Metering Program Information

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For more information please send us an email via our EI Help Desk or call us at 800-824-5102.