Bright Options Solar

Bright options solar

Purchasing clean energy just got easier! For as little as $12 per month added to your electric bill, you can choose to have a portion of your home’s energy come from environmentally-friendly solar power – and all without upfront expenses, maintenance costs, and changes to your home.

Reasons to Invest in Bright Options Solar
  • No upfront invesment
  • No ongoing maintenance charges
  • No hidden costs
  • No unsightly panels at your home
  • Satisfaction about going green
  • Guaranteed production
  • Support of a community program
  • Help reduce the need for future generation

Under Bright Options Solar, any Eastern Illini member in good standing can participate. You simple agree to purchase blocks of solar-generated energy, at an added cost to your monthly electric bill.

There are three blocks available for purchase. A 200 kWh solar block is $12 per month; a 400 kWh solar block is $24 per month; and a 600 kWh solar block is $36 per month. The cost associated with each block of solar energy purchased will appear as a separate line item on your electric bill and the cost is in addition to all other normally billed charges.

If you are an environmentally-minded consumer, Bright Options Solar just might be what you have been waiting for to participate in renewable energy.

Looking for your place in the sun? Sign up below or contact Eastern Illini at 800-824-5102 for more information.

Bright Options Solar Signup

Bright Options Solar Signup


**Once you signup for Bright Options Solar, your solar blocks will continue to be billed until you opt out of the program.**