Net Metering Program

At Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative, we’re proud to offer our members a net metering program. Our net metering program is simple. Any renewable energy system that is less than 10 kW (dc nameplate rating) is eligible. Each month, we’ll measure how much energy your system sends us (puts back onto the grid) and how much energy we send you. We then subtract those number and get your NET energy use for the month. We will bill you for that net amount.

The following steps will guide you through the approval process for a net metering system.

Contact us at 800-824-5102 or renewables@eiec.coop to let us know you’re interested in a system.

Provide us with the following information:

  • Completed interconnection application (available at right)
  • One-line diagram of your system (sample below)
  • Specification sheets for both your panels and inverter
  • Proof of insurance ($1 million dollar coverage)
  • $500 application fee (non-refundable)

We will study your application materials to determine its impact on our system. Once it is approved, we will let you know so your contractor/installer can begin the installation.

Once installed, but before the system is actually turned on and energized, please let us know.

We’ll inspect your system and install some special metering equipment. We’ll also have you sign our interconnection agreement. Your installer can then fully energize the system.


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Solar One Line Diagram

Solar One Line