Electric Vehicles are Gaining Momentum

The appeal of Electric Vehicles (EV) is gaining momentum as prices drop and range is expanding. EV owners can now confidently drive nearly everywhere with a bit of planning. Chances are you know someone who has purchased an EV. Thanks to the electric cooperative movement, electricity is available everywhere in the U.S., the majority of roads are paved and environmental concerns are increasing awareness about the value of driving EVs.

While many drawbacks of EVs are gone, there is still a major concern limiting EV growth dubbed “range  anxiety.” This stems from the persistent limited range of all EVs. While the Tesla offering provides 270 miles  for their all-wheel drive model and 355 miles on their standard models, that pales in comparison to most internal combustion cars. And, the lack of a rapid charging infrastructure is considered by some to be a drawback.

Fortunately, advances in battery technology are hammering away at the range issue. Range is steadily expanding and battery management systems are squeezing out more miles. At the same time, more companies and utilities are installing efficient charging stations at their places of business and in public locations. In the near future, range will no longer be an issue.

EVs have a bright future. Though only about 1 percent of U.S. vehicles are electric today, forecasts predict 65 percent of new U.S. vehicle sales in 2050 will be EVs. There are several reasons why EVs are getting a second look from consumers. Cheaper to operate: There is a cost advantage by using electricity over petroleum. Given the considerable efficiency of electric cars compared to internal combustion models, the cost per mile to fuel an EV is approximately one-third to one-quarter the cost of gasoline. And because electric cars  don’t have exhaust systems and don’t need oil changes, maintenance costs are reduced. To maintain an electric car, just rotate your tires and keep them properly inflated.

Quiet and quick: It only takes one ride in a battery-powered car to understand the improved ride quality of an EV compared to a vehicle using a petroleum-powered internal combustion engine. An electric car is very quiet and smooth. What surprises people more is the high torque offered by EVs. Step on the accelerator and power is delivered immediately.

Home Charging: Imagine never going to a gas station again unless you need some snacks or a slushy. All you have to do is pull into your garage, reach over for a plug, and push it into the charging outlet. It’s very convenient and quick. Wake up the next morning, and you are ready to go.