Happy Thanksgiving

As you receive this, the Thanksgiving holiday is still a few weeks away. We also celebrate Veteran’s Day this month. It is also election season once again. Please take time to personally thank a veteran for their service. Because of their efforts over the years, we enjoy the freedom to exercise our privilege to vote.

With this ability to vote also comes responsibility. Please take the time to research the candidates and issues, whether it be in local, state, or national elections. The success of a democracy is highly dependent on the active participation and involvement of all citizens.

Our weather finally changed to more typical fall conditions in mid-October. The barren fields and changing leaves portend the coming winter season. All in all, the weather has been interesting so far this year. Let’s hope the winter conditions in this area tend to be more normal rather than severe in the months to come.

Thanksgiving typically revolves around family and friends. I would like to offer a special thank you to two of our senior staff who recently retired from the cooperative.

Brian Stagen retired in late July after 24 years of service. During his tenure, Brian was responsible for various portions of the financial and member care areas.

Mike Zalaker retired in late September with 34 years of service. Mike was instrumental in the fleet, material procurement, and facilities operations areas. They both provided loyal and dedicated leadership for the cooperative in many different aspects. We wish all the best to Brian and Julie Stagen, and to Mike and Wendi Zalaker in their future endeavors.

Please note the upcoming event we are hosting at Riggs Beer Company. You are invited to Kilowatts and Brats on Monday, November 12, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. More details can be found on the back page. We hope you will join us at this informal gathering (along with some of our directors) to share information and fellowship.

Overall, 2018 looks to be a good year for your cooperative. We are nearing completion of the budgeting and planning process for what we hope will be a successful 2019 as well.

Please be safe in all that you do. On behalf of the employees and directors of Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative, safe travels to all during the holiday season and Happy Thanksgiving.


Bob Hunzinger