Message from the President: Happy Independence Day!

I want to thank all of our members who attended the recent annual meeting. More than 1,000 members, and their families, enjoyed the days’ festivities!

Along with the fun, food, and great entertainment, we were pleased to present a very positive outlook for your cooperative during the business meeting. As we reflect on 2017, it was a good year and the forecast for 2018 shows promise.

I want to assure you that EIEC is community-focused with a mission to deliver safe and reliable electricity to our members. Our electric co-op is unique because we belong to the communities we serve. The co-op is led by its members, which gives us a unique understanding of local needs. Because we answer to local members, we’re more able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our communities.

Even though we’re locally-owned and operated, we cooperate with other electric cooperatives across the country to develop new technologies, invest in equipment and infrastructure that benefits many cooperatives. This type of collaboration allows us to address complex challenges while remaining true to our local roots.

Our electric co-op was built by the community, belongs to the community and continues to be led by the ommunity––that’s the cooperative difference!

As you enjoy time with family and friends this 4th of July, please do so safely, and with a sense of gratitude to our founding fathers as well as those in uniform who protect our country and defend our freedom.

Stay safe,
Bob Hunzinger

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