Message from the President: Preparing for future members

Our board chairman, Tom Schlatter, and I recently attended our regional electric cooperative meeting in Milwaukee. This meeting combines cooperatives from Region 5 (Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin) and Region 6 (North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota).

In addition to the perfunctory business portions of the meetings relating to resolutions and elections, there is a lot of time devoted to education, training, and learning and sharing with other cooperatives.

Highlights included current and future challenges and opportunities related to how cooperatives are changing to meet the needs of future members. Here are a few of the areas important to members:

  • Battery storage
  • Broadband Internet
  • Carbon constraints
  • Member communication on various platforms
  • Member information needs and expectations
  • Rapid pace of changing technology
  • Renewable energy
  • Young adult member engagement

EIEC, like many of our fellow electric distribution cooperatives, is constantly evaluating items like those listed above and others to continue to provide safe, reliable, and valued services to our members and their communities in a cost-efficient manner.

Harvest Time
Harvest in our area is starting later than normal this year but will soon be in full swing. Please take time to work safely in all aspects of your operation.

Be aware of the locations of poles and power lines. Always treat all lines as energized. Never drive over downed power lines. Call us for assistance if there is an incident or if something seems abnormal – and then wait for trained personnel and help to arrive.

Please view the video on our website for more information about vehicle accidents involving downed power lines and staying safe: www.eiec.org/staying-safe-in-an-accident-involving-downed-power-lines/

Enjoy the weather pattern change to the fall season (and try not to think of the winter weather to follow).

Please take time to complete our annual survey on page 3 or you may complete it online at www.eiec.coop. We utilize survey results to ensure that we maintain our excellent level of service to our members.


Bob Hunzinger