Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Proposed Bylaw Amendments to be voted upon at the 2019 Annual Meeting on June 6, 2019.

The Board of Directors of Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative is proposing several bylaw amendments at this year’s annual meeting. The changes include:

Voting Options Prior to the Annual Meeting – Members will be able to vote in board member elections by mail or other methods allowed by state law. This change will allow members who can’t attend the annual meeting an opportunity to still directly vote in the director election. (Article II, Section 2.5-6)

Uncontested Elections – There has been some confusion for members during board elections when there is only one candidate in a certain directorate district (an uncontested election). Instead of placing these names on the ballot, this change will clarify allowing members to elect directors running unopposed via voice vote during
the annual meeting. (Article II, Section 2.5)

Proxy Ballots – By adding the ability for members to vote by mail (or other means) prior to the annual meeting, there will be no reason for members to vote by proxy. This change will remove the ability for members to vote by proxy ballot. (Article II, Section 2.6)

Ballot Position – Currently, the position of director candidates on the election ballot is determined by the drawing for the ballot position. This change will result in the position of director candidates on the election ballot being determined by the order in which candidates turn in their petition materials. If two candidates from the same directorate district turn in their materials at the same time, their position will still be determined by drawing. (Article III, Section 3.5)