Sharing Success Grant to Lake Iroquois

Lake Iroquois Association near Loda, Illinois is the most recent recipient of the Sharing Success program from Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative and CoBank, a cooperative bank serving vital industries throughout rural America.

Lake Iroquois Association will receive $5,000 to help in the on-going maintenance of the lake and fish restocking after a devastating fish kill on July 8, 2018 when the 80 acre lake experienced a phenomena called inversion, also known as lake turnover, which reduced the oxygen levels in the water when the surface water cooled down quickly in turn causing the water and sediment on the lake’s bottom to rise causing the fish to die.

“We are member driven and community focused, “ said Mike Wilson, Vice President of Member and Community Relations for Eastern Illini. “When I heard about the fish kill at Lake Iroquois and the devastation to the ecosystem, it just made sense to find a way to help the association and the 240 EIEC members who live at the lake.”

“We are grateful to Eastern Illini and CoBank for their commitment to supporting Lake Iroquois,” said Jim Shearl, Lake Iroquois Association board member. We restocked the lake with 1,000 channel catfish and 1,000 large-mouth bass this spring and plan to add walleye and red sun fish this fall. This generous contribution will be beneficial to our on-going restoration process.”

Eastern Illini’s donations were matched by CoBank through its Sharing Success program. Sharing Success was established in 2012 to celebrate the International Year of the Cooperative. Since the program’s inception, CoBank and its customers have together provided more than $36 million in support to charitable organizations. CoBank has increased the annual matching fund to $4 million in 2019, which is beneficial to communities served by electric cooperatives across the nation.

“Sharing Success has had a broader and deeper impact than we ever imagined,” said Aaron Johnson, CoBank’s vice president of the electric distribution division. “We are delighted with the growing participation in the program by our customers, and deeply grateful to them for their assistance in identifying worthy charitable causes deserving of our support.”

If you are aware of a 501 (c) (3) or a non-profit organization that is located in the Eastern Illini service territory that could benefit from a Sharing Success Grant, call Mike Wilson at 800-824-5102 to obtain an application.