Steps to make your home more efficient during hot summer months

Home efficiency during summer months have a lot in common as the home efficiency checks that you do during the winter months. Make sure that you change your air filters at least monthly to keep your unit running efficiently. Just like checking for cold air leaking in through cracks in the winter, look for any areas that may need weather stripping and caulk where heat could enter your home.

You may be in the habit of setting your thermostat on a lower temperature while you are away during the day to save during the winter months, but now is the time to set that temperature higher. Set your thermostat to around 85 degrees during the day while you are gone. This temperature will keep pets that may be in the home comfortable and can help to lower your bills.

A programmable thermostat will help you control the temperature of your home, so it is cool when you return home for the day. It is important to remember when adjusting your thermostat, whether it’s manual or programmable, do not lower the temperature rapidly, to cool your home faster. Your air conditioner will cool just as fast at 78 as it might at 68 degrees.

Ceiling fans are also a great way to keep rooms cool while saving energy.
“Fans average between a quarter to one amp used, while air conditioners can range between 12-16 amps of electricity used,” says Tim Frick, EIEC certified energy specialist. “While running a fan may not exactly bring in new cold air, it does circulate the cold air that is already in the home and may make it feel cooler than it really is.”

Frick also adds that it is very possible to turn on your fans and turn up your thermostat a degree or two and not notice a difference.

Consider closing drapes and blinds during the day. A darker room stays cooler longer, than a room that has sunlight coming in. Also, consider running stoves, dryers, and other heat producing appliances during cooler hours of the day, such as the evening or early morning.

Energy efficiency, whether in the winter or in the summer months, is key for keeping your bills lower and your family comfortable. For more information visit: www.SafeElectricity.org.

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