Bill Payment Assistance

You may be eligible for Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) and our own Neighbor to Neighbor program. Contact your local LIHEAP Agency (information below) for available programs.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is designed to assist eligible low-income households pay for winter energy services. 

LIHEAP will provide a one-time benefit during the current program time frame to eligible households to be used for energy bills. The amount of the payment is determined by income, household size, fuel type and geographic location.

An overdue bill or cut-off notice is not required. You do not have to own your home or pay energy bills directly to be eligible for assistance. Your source of fuel does not have to be natural gas or electricity in order to receive assistance. 

Reconnections Assistance may be available if your household is disconnected from an energy source needed for heating and/or a delivered fuel supplier has refused to deliver and the tank contains 20 percent or less.

Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible to receive assistance under LIHEAP if your household’s         
combined income is at or below the following levels shown in the chart below. If   
you rent, and your heat and/or electric is included in the rent, then your rent must   
must be greater than 30 percent of your income in order to be eligible to receive  

# Living in Household

Monthly Income















How does it work?

First Step: Application

Review the list at the bottom of this web page to find the local agency that serves your area. Contact the agency and tell them you want to apply for the Energy Program. If you are home bound, special accommodations can be made to assist you in applying.

When you apply for assistance, bring the following with you:

Proof of gross income from all household members for the 30 day period prior to the application date.
A copy of your current heat and electric bills (if you pay for your home energy directly)
Proof of social security numbers of all household members
If a member of your household receives TANF, you must bring their medical eligibility card
If you rent, bring proof of your rental agreement that must state your monthly rent amount

Second Step: Notification

The agency will determine if you are eligible based on the information provided. You will be notified of eligibility status within 30 days. If you are eligible, you will be informed of the amount of assistance you can receive.

The agency will also notify your energy provider of your participation in the program if you have an energy bill.

Third Step: Payment

If you are eligible, the local agency will make the appropriate payment to your energy provider(s) on your behalf or, in some cases, directly to you.

EIECs Neighbor to Neighbor Program

EIEC’s NTN program is intended to coordinate with and work in tandem with the LIHEAP Agency program. The NTN Assistance Program will be reviewed each heating season dependent upon available funds. If funds are available, NTN will also provide a one-time benefit during the current heating season to be used for energy bills. NTN uses the same time frame as the Agencies (September 1st through May 1st). EIEC’s program is not a supplement to any emergency program

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for the Neighbor to Neighbor program you must first apply for a LIHEAP assistance directly to your local agency.

How does it work?

Your local LIHEAP agency will notify us if you apply for LIHEAP assistance. They will notify the member in person that they also qualify for the NTN program. EIEC will notify the member by mail that they qualify for the NTN program and the EIEC qualified amount will be posted to their electric account.
If the Agency has exhausted its LIHEAP funding available for EIEC members, they will let the member know in person that EIEC has a NTN program. The member will need to notify EIEC that they have been to their local Agency for assistance and that funding has been exhausted. EIEC will verify with the Agency that the member has applied for assistance. Once verified, EIEC will notify the member by mail that they qualify for the NTN program and the EIEC qualified amount will be posted to their electric account.

For further information, visit: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/liheap/ or http://www.weatherizationillinois.com/

You can also view the list below to contact your local Agency directly:

Regional Planning Commission
Embarrass River Basin
Embarrass River Basin
ECI Community Action Agency
ECI Community Action Agency
Mid Central Community Action
Mid Central Community Action
CEFS Economic Opportunity Corp.
Central Ill. Economic Dev. Corp.
ECI Community Action Agency













For more information, please send us an email via the EI Help Desk or call us at 800-824-5102.