EIEC bill has new format and enhancements

Information on SIDE ONE of your bill:

1. EIEC Information: Our main phone number and how to contact us.

2. Your Account Information: Your account number.

3. Current Bill Amount and Due Date: Summarizes total amount or budget amount
due and due date for the service location listed.

4. Important Message: Valuable communication from Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative.

5. Your Name and Address: The contact information we have on file for your account.

6. Account Message: You may see account specific messages displayed in red on certain bills. These are tailored messages for a member account.

7. Average Daily Electric Use: Compares this month’s energy use with the previous month and the same month from a year ago.

8. Monthly Electric Use History: Shows historical data regarding electric consumption for the past 13 months.

9. Daily Electric Use: Lists your daily electric use and includes weather information, so you can see how much temperature impacts your bill.

10.Payment Stub: If you are mailing in your payment, detach this portion and please send it with your payment.

Information on SIDE TWO of your bill:

11. Previous Billing Details: Previous balances and payments.

12. Meter Reading Details: This is the actual location of your electrical service. It includes your service location, meter number(s), and current and previous meter reading along with your kWh use.

13. Peak kW demand: This reflects your highest kilowatt demand during any 15-minute segment of the billing period. It shows when you are putting the largest demand on the electric system.

14. Current Bill Information: Your rate and service duration for this billing cycle.

15. Distribution: This is the local costs to get electricity to your home or business. It includes poles, wires, substations, staff, and other operating expenses. Your Base charge is the monthly recurring charge. It represents the fixed costs incurred, even if no electricity is used.

16. Electric Supply: This is the cost of wholesale power that EIEC purchased from Prairie Power, Inc., a generation facility. PPI is made up of 10 Illinois electric cooperatives, including EIEC.

17. Transmission are the costs EIEC pays to get electricity from power plants over high-voltage electric lines to the 25 substations on our distribution system. These charges originate from the owners of the distribution lines.

18. Generation Investment: This is based on your kWh use and represents EIEC’s long-term investment in the Prairie State Energy Campus (PPI).

19. Power Cost Adjustment: This is the difference between the actual cost of the electricity we get from PPI and our projected costs. The PCA varies each month.

20. Public Utility Tax: This tax is administered by the State of Illinois and applies to each kWh of electricity that you use.

21. Total tax and other fees: This section may include outdoor light rental, service upgrades, deposits, adjustments, and other miscellaneous charges.

22. Total Current Month Charges: This is the amount you owe for electricity for the current month.